Facebook “Email”: The Future of Letter Writing

November 17, 2010 at 1:16 am (Class Post, EMAC 6300, email, Facebook, Internet, Social Media, Technology, TV shows)

Recently, I’ve been hearing radio commercials for a new show that started tonight that intrigued me. It’s on TBS, and it’s called Glory Daze. After having watched it, I will say, it’s not my type of show and I won’t be putting it on my DVR schedule, although I will say it’s mildly funny. It’s basically like an Animal House set in 1986, only not as funny or great. But, here’s what piqued my interest while I heard the radio commercial: One of the main female leads tells the main male lead that she has to go to the technology building “to learn about the future of letter writing. Something called electronic mail.” To which the male lead replies, “What? That sounds retarded! More like retarded mail!” And she responds, “I know!”

Yeah, this was the only scene I really liked in this episode. I’m just not the right audience for this show (read teenage boy). Now, the reason I thought this scene was so great is because I’m sitting in 2010, not 1986, knowing that “electronic mail” is definitely not retarded and has definitely become the future of letter writing (letter writing? people still do that?). In fact, email may become a small component of what may soon be the new future of “letter writing.”

Facebook has now unveiled it’s new “social inbox” in which your Facebook messages can be combined with texts, emails, IM/chat, all in one place so it’s faster; because according to the “young people” Mark Zuckerberg talked to, “email is too slow.”

Wow… email is too slow? Remember that thing we started to call “snail mail”? What are the kids calling email these days? “Sloth mail”?

I jest, but I really am intrigued by this new Facebook “Not email” system and how it will catch on (despite my ever increasing fear that Google and Facebook are trying to take over the world). I kind of like many of the features that are available, and you know what it was that made me like it? The explanatory video by Facebook:

At the end, he explains that he wants his box of letters like his grandmother had. I, too, have always wondered how I’d show my future children about how their dad and I ¬†got together/fell in love etc. through love letters (like my parents have with me) because I know that the majority of these love “letters” wouldn’t be letters at all but texts, chats, emails, FB posts/messages and the like. I love the idea of having it all in one place saved in a chat history, much like the “conversation” emails are set up on Gmail. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of the new Google Voice platform that rings all of your phones so you’re always reachable with just one phone number. Apparently we’ve fragmented ourselves so much that we need things like Google Voice and Facebook’s social inbox to put us back together again in one piece place.

Speaking of Google… apparently there’s some controversy between them and Facebook involving this not email thing. Hopefully they’ll work things out so the kids can play with these new toys. Perhaps we should suggest marriage counseling?


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Remediation–Choose Your Own Adventure

September 29, 2010 at 2:32 am (Class Post, EMAC 6300, Facebook, Movies, Social Media, Technology, TV shows)

I love, love, loved Remediation by Bolter and Grusin, and I’m really mad at myself now for not having picked this day to do my case study. (Sydnie, why didn’t you tell me?) While I read it, I thought of 3 different things to talk about for my blog, and because I’m kind of indecisive about these types of things, I wrote about all three. Now, you get to pick which one you want to read about! You can pick just one, you can pick two, or read all three, it’s really up to you. This of course means after having read the chosen page, you’ll have to come back to this post to comment (I’ll put a link at the bottom of the 3 respective pages to return), but I’m hoping you’ll humor me and just go with it.

Now, because I don’t want you to completely jump into the dark without knowing what you’re in for, I’ll give you a little preview of what’s behind each door. Each of them involves me spoiling a movie/TV show, but some contain bigger spoilers than others. I know people get really upset about this sort of thing, so that’s why I’m warning you ahead of time. The doors are ranked according to amount of spoilage, with Door 1 being the lowest. They are as follows:

Door 1: Behind this door is my discussion of the TV show Community, specifically Episode 1 of Season 2, the newest season (it aired last week). I’ll discuss the basic plot and certain techniques one of the characters uses and show a few clips from the episode. Not much spoilage, and if you don’t care about the show… none at all.

Door 2: This door contains a discussion of the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which if you have not seen by now, you really need to. Again, just pointing out certain techniques and technologies used in the film and basic plot points. I feel like since the movie’s been out for awhile, and I’m not discussing anything major, it’s a mid-level spoiler warning.

Door 3: Enter for those who dare. Door 3 contains HUGE, MAJOR, GIGANTIC spoilers for the recent documentary Catfish. It’s not in huge release (currently it’s only available to be seen at the Angelica in Dallas and at AMC Northpark), and I’ll be giving away major plot twists and the ending. So, if you think you’ll never go see it, or don’t care, please follow me here. It’ll be an adventure for us both. If, however, you want to keep yourself fresh from the knowledge of what happens in the film, please, pick another door.

Remember, keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times, and please don’t feed the animals. Enjoy your trip!

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